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The Marlboro Man died of lung cancer.  His famous last words were, “take care of the children.  Tobacco will kill you.  I’m living proof of it.”


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As promised, here are some pictures of Lyalya’s first walk outside! Look at the bushy little squirrel tail :D the sandpit was her favorite spot! She was extremely excited and threw sand all over the place

this is a fucking squirrel. this is a fucking squirrel with a cat’s head. who is responsible for this

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Jim is spying…

Haaaaaaa lol :D



I love how she doesn’t rule it out. She doesn’t say ’not going to happen’ or ‘Jim’s gay and in a relationship’ but just says ‘I’m divorced actually…’ nudge nudge wink wink…

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Ask me about my body. (¬‿¬)

Hair: What hair color looks best on you and what's your natural color?
Skin: Do you tan easily?
Eyes: What is your favorite show to watch?
Nose: What is your favorite perfume/candle fragrance?
Mouth: Do you want to kiss anyone right now?
Tongue: What was in your last meal?
Windpipe: Do you sing?
Neck: Do you wear necklaces?
Ears: How many piercings do you have (if any)?
Cheeks: Do you blush easily?
Wrists: Have you ever broken a bone?
Hands: Are you an artist/writer?
Fingers: Do you play an instrument?
Heart: Are you in love? If so, does the one you love know?
Lungs: Do you smoke cigarettes?
Chest: Are your maternal/parental instincts strong?
Stomach: Do you feel confident in your body image?
Back: Are you a virgin?
Hips: Do you like to dance?
Thighs: Has anyone ever called you ugly?
Knees: Have you ever cheated on someone?
Ankles: Have you ever been arrested?
Feet: Favorite pair of shoes?
Brain: Anything you want to ask
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Isn’t this a lovely pic! found it on a Hungarian site (x) & it’s a total unseen for me. Don’t they look lush together. (It didn’t show up anywhere else on google images)

BBC Sherlock Season three - John Watson & Mary Morstan Promo Image -

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 Tom Spearing

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- Benedict, how do you prefer to sleep? next to the wall or do you prefer at the edge of a bed?
- Usually I fall on a bed diagonally.
- Ohhh, You’re so original…
- No, I’m diagonal!

Benedict Cumberbatch ★ Dressingroom

I sense a bed hog


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We have one kitten left at work and he does not like to be ignored! He demands you pay attention to his cute!

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